Remembrance Parade

November 11th members of Pearsons funeral service could be seen around Marsden helping with the marshalling of the British Legion parade. In a first for Marsden the parade was led by a tank and jeep.

Marsden silver prize band once again led the parade which in spite of the weather was very well attended.

Holmfirth Society Concert

Pearsons funeral service were proud to sponsor a superb performance at the Holmfirth society concert which took place at Holmfirth parish church, the choir once again exceled themselves and the music abilities making full use of the natural acoustics of the church. We’re looking forward to the next concert on December 8th.

Pule Hill Memorial Service

On November 10th members of the Pearson family walked across Marsden moor to attend the memorial service on Pule Hill, where a wreath was laid at the memorial cross to remember those who lost their lives in the war. This was a well-attended service with a Former member of the Yorkshire Regiment and local musician Allister Hanson who played the bugle which could be heard echoing down the valley and in Marsden village.

Marsden Juniour School Remembrance Service

All members of Pearsons funeral service attended the Marsden junior school remembrance service, this took place at Cenotaph in the Marsden park where a reef was laid and memorial stones that had been decorated by the children. The service also remembered the animals that were lost, the children had a two-minute silence and read out poems and all sang “Stand by me” together.

The children’s behaviour was impeccable and they are a credit to the school and the village.

Remeberance Window

For the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war, we placed a colourful coffin display in our Meltham office.

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