Jaguar Wedding Limousine

As well as funerals we provide limousines for weddings, here is a picture of our Jaguar at St. Bartholomew’s for last weekend.

New Covid 19 Rules For Funerals

New rules have come into effect for covid 19. To help you understand we have bullet pointed everything below for you.

Numbers able to attend at Parkwood Crematorium – 28
Numbers able to attend at Huddersfield Crematorium – 10
Main mourner arranging a funeral should keep a record of who has been invited
QR code to scan on premises if you have the NHS App on your phone
Masks to be worn at all funerals
Masks to be worn when on funeral premises
Masks to be worn in limousines
Hand sanitiser to be used on entering all buildings and vehicle.

Rule of 6 applies to any refreshments taking place after the funeral

Colne Valley Churches Re-open

After announcements from Leeds Diocese we are pleased to say that the churches of St. Bartholomew’s Marsden and St. Jame’s Slaithwaite are now allowed to hold services. No singing is able to take place, but pre-recorded music can be played and social distancing is in place with limited numbers and strict sanitisation procedures being followed.

Huddersfield Crematorium Update

Huddersfield Crematorium are still only allowing 10 mourners inside the chapel. The live stream still remains free and music is limited to entry and exit music only. Due to problems with Dewsbury Crematorium a more limited time schedule has been put in place at Huddersfield until further notice.

Parkwood Crematorium Update

Park Wood Crematorium, Elland are now permitting up to 28 mourners to attend funerals in their building;
20 in the service chapel and 8 in the vestibule area with the speakers and screens now active. Three pieces of music are now permitted and a small charge for live streaming has been re-instated.

The book of remembrance room is now open by appointment only, however, items such as flowers and cards are still not allowed to be left.
Hand sanitiser must be used and is available both on entry and exit from the crematorium.

The chapel is sanitised between each service helping to ensure your safety at all times.