Worldwide Repatriation

At Pearson Funeral Service along with traditional funerals we also specialise in repatriation to and from the United Kingdom. This can seem like a daunting process, which can be made easier in just one simple phone call to our selves.

We take care of everything including all documentation, leasing with funeral directors abroad and all airlines whilst guiding you through this difficult time.

Kenyon Team Members

Clive was kept busy at the National Funeral Exhibition wearing two hats. Not only was he promoting education within the profession, but as an associate member of Kenyon International Emergency Services he was talking to Funeral Directors about joining the Kenyon team.

David Capper National President of the British Institute of Funeral Directors pictured above was one of many who showed an interest in joining.

Visiting Sheep

At this time of year when the baby lambs have been born it’s not unusual to have these visitors to our funeral home. Above is a picture of mother and baby on one of their visits.

A visit from Leeds University

As a tutor in funeral directing and embalming, Clive was pleased to welcome four trainee doctors from Leeds University, to gain an insight into his work with Kenyon International Emergency Services where Clive is an associate member helping in the aftermath of disasters, and to learn how deceased are looked after once in our care

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