Huddersfield Crematorium Update

Huddersfield Crematorium are still only allowing 10 mourners inside the chapel. The live stream still remains free and music is limited to entry and exit music only. Due to problems with Dewsbury Crematorium a more limited time schedule has been put in place at Huddersfield until further notice.

Parkwood Crematorium Update

Park Wood Crematorium, Elland are now permitting up to 28 mourners to attend funerals in their building;
20 in the service chapel and 8 in the vestibule area with the speakers and screens now active. Three pieces of music are now permitted and a small charge for live streaming has been re-instated.

The book of remembrance room is now open by appointment only, however, items such as flowers and cards are still not allowed to be left.
Hand sanitiser must be used and is available both on entry and exit from the crematorium.

The chapel is sanitised between each service helping to ensure your safety at all times.

Fellowship Of Independent Celebrants

Clive was pleased to be invited to talk to the Fellowship Of Independent Celebrants where members from all over the United Kingdom joined the zoom meeting. Clive talked about the challenges Funeral Directors have faced in these unprecedented times. In part, how funeral services have adapted with social distancing and how we have managed to find ways of including friends and family unable to attend.

Vehicle Sanitation

At Pearson Funeral Service we take great care and pride in making sure we do what we can to keep you safe when visiting our premises and using our vehicles. One of the ways we do this is by using a specialised fog which is used to disinfect, ensuring everything you may come into contact with has been sanitised.

Chapel Of Rest

Over the past 100 years Pearson Funeral Service have seen many changes. One of these changes was on the 10th of June 1958 when the Chapel of Rest, (one of the first in the area) was opened by Dr Hand allowing people if they wished to have prayers or a service. This was a very modern thing to happen back in the day as many people were still laid out to rest at home.

As attendances to services in the Chapel of Rest grew, we took the decision to build a new chapel in the old workshop which enabled more people to sit in the service. Today we are still one of the few Funeral Directors who own a Chapel of Rest where a full service can take place. In these challenging times we have been getting excellent feedback from our families, as they were able to have a service without time restrictions, with live streaming so everyone could watch the service from the comfort of their own homes. We always welcome the feedback we get as this helps us to shape the way we move forward. At this time we are still restricted to 10 family members attending services. We will of course update when restrictions start to be lifted.

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