Crematorium Service Update

Due to mounting pressure from Funeral Directors, both Calderdale and Kirklees councils have done a U-turn in relation to funeral services. We have been liaising with the Deceased Management Advisory Group (DMAG) who work alongside all organisations within the funeral sector regarding government guidelines, and with consultations with Colne Valley Councillor Donna Bellamy and MP Jason McCartney who raised this issue at the House of Commons for us. It would seem that the council have finally relented to allow up to ten mourners to be present inside the crematorium chapel giving them a chance to say goodbye.

Form June 1st 2020 services of 20 minutes will be allowed, this has to include time required to enter the chapel and also to leave.
The curtains can remain open, however, family members will not be able to touch the coffin.
Only the entrance and recessional music will be allowed, no photo tributes or reflection music can take place.

We are still able to offer services live streamed in our chapel of rest with no time or music limitations. The cortege route can still be planned to pass family and friends who are not able to attend the service.

Wood Effect Cardboard Coffin

At Pearson’s we only buy coffins which are FFMA approved. This means they have been tested to highest standard for burial and cremation. As part of the range of coffins we are able to offer, the Strand is a wood effect cardboard coffin, mixing a modern but yet traditional style together.

Changes to our services in the pandemic

With the changes in funeral guidelines and our crematoriums refusing to allow families into chapels to say goodbye. Over the past month we have been pleased with the feedback on the changes we have made to allow friends and family to say goodbye. Some of these have included:-
Working with the family to plan a special route for the hearse to travel so friends and family can stand on their doorsteps and pay their last respects. This journey takes as long as it takes with no time restrictions so that everyone feels they have been included in some way.
Services in the Chapel of Rest have also been of great comfort to our families. Each individual service is planned with again, no restriction on how long this needs to be. Family and friends who are unable to attend can still feel part of the farewell through our facility of live streaming.

Keeping up our hygiene standards

At Pearson Funeral Service we have always been very proud of our hygiene standards to reduce the risk of infection for our staff and people visiting the premises. A new addition to our cleaning regime has been the purchase of a machine which can sanitise a whole room within minutes. By pumping a mist into the whole area we can ensure that no surface is left not disinfected and when people attend a funeral they are entering a fully sanitised area.

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