Musical Coffin

We are often asked for different types of coffins for funerals. The one above was a musical design from Colourful coffins.

Morning Sky At Grenoside

Whilst on an early morning funeral at Grenoside Crematorium we were all taken in by the sun rising over the crematorium grounds with the relaxing sound of the birds singing in the background. For anyone who has never been to the crematorium, it is a modern building set in landscaped gardens and has its own tea rooms.

St. James’ Slaithwaite Memorial Tree

We were pleased to be asked to support St James’ Church, Slaithwaite this year by providing their memorial Christmas tree. It took pride of pace at the front of the church and was filled with memorial cards throughout the festive season.

Pearson Funeral Service

A well travelled tree

When the local junior school broke up for Christmas, they had a huge Christmas tree in the hall which they weren’t sure what to do with. They noticed we had a large space at the front of our premises and asked if we would like to use their tree which we were delighted to do.

Helping You In Your Time Of Need

With a century of experience, Pearson Funeral Service has an excellent and trusted reputation in the communities we serve. With our long history in the funeral world, Pearson Funeral Service is dedicated to offering the highest standard of care and professionalism for our local communities. Wherever you are, we are always here to help, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.